JMT Architecture is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of professional services to the federal government. Our staff has the breadth of experience to provide all the services necessary to successfully complete any project. Our firm has a long-standing tradition of industry leadership demonstrated by a highly successful record of project delivery and repeat clientele. JMT Architecture’s extensive work history with federal agencies is indicative of our technical knowledge, team approach, and drive to provide client-based solutions. Our team works with federal, state, and local government agencies. We provide a complete array of architectural services integrated to meet our client’s needs to deliver creative, proactive solutions that improve product delivery and meet project goals. JMT Architecture is proud of our federal studio portfolio which includes projects that are mission focused, provide innovative solutions, and exceptional client service. We are your partner in a successful project.

listed below are a few project examples

Federal Bureau of Investigation Building 33 Laboratory Space Renovation

JMT performed Architecture and Engineering design services, to provide the user with additional storage space and to ensure compliance with life safety regulations. Building 33 had five mechanical shafts with terminated closets located on the basement level of the building. Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection Engineering services were provided to coordinate the installation of fire-rated ceilings and access doors to create additional storage space within each closet.

Project Completed 2019 | Construction Cost $396,420  | D/B Contractor : Signature Renovations

Armed Forces Reserve Center SCIF Renovation.

This renovation project provided a secured controlled facility comprised of three rooms in the Armed Forces Reserve Center.  The project could not interrupt the existing office operation or daily operation of the building.  JMT provided architectural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering services to generate demolition and new work construction drawings and specifications for the renovation. The renovation included revised architectural wall and furniture layouts, new lighting layouts, revised communications and power, access controls, two new split-system HVAC units, and reconfiguration of base-building supply and return ductwork.

Project Completed 2020 | Construction Cost $500, 000  | D/B Contractor: Puyenpa Services LLC.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center/Naval Support Activity Library Resource Center Renovation

JMT performed Architecture and Building Systems Engineering design services for the library resource center renovation. This project included the renovation of the stack and study area into office space.  Updated space layouts were provided for an open office, an enclosed office, and a break room, along with the associated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems modifications to support the new layout.

Project Completed 2019 | Construction Cost $842,345  | D/B Contractor : Signature Renovations

Johnstown U.S. Army Reserve Center Window Replacement Building 218 and 292

The Reserve Center building 218 is a one-story administration building and building 292 is a helicopter hangar/office building. Both had experienced significant leaks at most of the windows in each building. JMT Architecture conducted a site visit to verify and observe the conditions to ascertain other contributing factors to the leaks, determine sizes and quantities of materials required, and develop design documents with proper details to correct the conditions observed. The existing windows were a combination of fixed and operable storefront-style windows and curtainwall sections in some areas with large multi-story openings.  The window frames were required to meet specific structural criteria and the glazing was laminated to provide blast resistance. JMT prepared 100% construction documents submission and project specifications.

Project Completed 2021 | Construction Cost Bldg 218 $896,325, Bldgh 292 $1,954,539  | D/B Contractor: Puyenpa Services LLC.