JMT Architecture Designs Spaces and Places that Enhance the Quality of Life Where People Work, Learn, Heal, Travel, and Play.

Our endeavors are accomplished through teamwork and a client focus, applying our Core Values of:

Strong Work Ethic
Focus on Our Client's Vision
Creating Sensible Solutions
Building Relationships
Creating an Atmosphere for Our Staff's Success
Enjoying What We Do


As stated in an old proverb: there is a reason we are given two ears and one mouth. For this reason, our initial step to every project is to gain a thorough understanding of what the client desires. A successful project always begins with listening first.

Careful listening leads not only to hearing what a client wants, but also (and more importantly) to revealing what they need. As experienced architects and interior designers, we translate these expressed needs and wants into visible design solutions.

We are skilled in coordinating multi-faceted project teams made up of consulting engineers, municipal review agencies, and contractors. By approaching every project as a collaborative effort, communications are fluid and the team understands what is expected.

By balancing our imaginations with a bit of practicality, we provide clients with aesthetically pleasing and exciting designs that are built within their parameters of an allotted time frame and budget.

Our program of listening, translating, coordinating, and balancing always produces the desired results. Depending on each client's need, these results help improve profitability, image, productivity, energy efficiency, and/or morale. The final measures of every successful project are the bottom line result and the client's satisfaction.


JMT Architecture is the architecture and interior design practice of Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT), a 2,000-person multi-disciplinary planning, design, technology, and construction management consulting firm with offices throughout the United States.

In 2014, after a 12-year relationship JMT and Rubeling & Associates, a Baltimore-based architecture and interior design firm, merged to create JMT Architecture. Working in tandem with the full resources of JMT, we were able to integrate project experiences, pool resources, and offer a greater diversity of services to existing clients and growing public and private markets in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

RCG, founded in 1907 and Baltimore's longest practicing firm, joined JMT Architecture in 2017 to enhance the strengths of our higher education studio with their expansive portfolio and nationally-recognized expertise.